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Every now and then someone involved in the production of Midnight Caller shares a memory from the experience. Visit here to read some of them!

Gary Cole:

Overall for me  is -- I liked this guy!   And I liked the situation he was in.  It's hard to pick a specific memory because there are so many.  Being on the radio, alone, was the unusual part of it and that's what actually made it different.  What I mean is that half the time, I was doing scenes -- scenework with other actors, which is what most actors in  television series do.  They do that for the whole show and the character is based on your behavior with other people.  But on this show,  even though I did that, I was also encased in a room by myself thinking out loud,  basically -- which is unusual for any character.  

I loved the show.  I loved working with everybody on the show.  My producer, Bob Singer, was and is a great friend.  We formed a band called "The Bonemasters" along with the Assistant Director Kenny Collins and Assistant Director turned Unit Production Manager Jim Benke -- which was a blast for all of us.  Levon Helm played my drums when he did the show.  Greg Allman sat in on a set at the Christmas party.  We had a lot of fun.  Teddi sang with us too sometimes.  

Midnight Caller changed my life in many ways.  I met my wife while I was doing Midnight Caller, I moved to California to do Midnight Caller and I have lived here ever since -- even though I thought I would never leave Chicago -- and I made a lot of friends who are still my friends today.  Actors, directors, crew guys.  I jumped out of an airplane with a group of the guys from the show one day.  We had a lot  of fun and I think we did some really great shows.  I was sorry to see it end.

--Gary Cole, Series Star 

Charles Robert Carner: 

Working on Midnight Caller was an unusually satisfying creative experience. The show's format was not as rigidly structured as most hour dramas - which gave me quite a bit of freedom as a free-lancer who came in to do just one episode per season. The Executive Producer, Robert Singer, provided excellent guidance and leadership - while encouraging me to explore themes and stories of personal interest. His unique vision for the show kept it fresh and vital, and his commitment to quality kept the standards very high. Working with Gary Cole was particularly satisfying. In addition to his great acting talent, Gary is also extraordinarily hard-working and always prepared. Despite his heavy workload, Gary always showed up to deliver off-camera lines in support of the other actors. He's a very giving and considerate actor. 

The first episode I did, "The Hostage Game," came towards the tail end of the season. The cast and crew were tired from the long grind -- but they reached down and all gave an extra effort to help me achieve a rather ambitious show. It was tremendous fun. 

I was also scheduled to direct my next episode, "The Leopard" - but other commitments prevented me from doing so. James Quinn stepped in very capably and did a great job. 

Midnight Caller was and is a very special television series. I'm proud to have been a small part of it. 

--Charles Robert Carner, Director, "The Hostage Game," 
Writer, "The Leopard" episodes  

Were you involved with Midnight Caller and have a memory to share?  Send it to us!

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