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Season One: 1988-89

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1. Conversations with an Assassin

Click here for photos from this episode!Jack Killian retires from the San Francisco Police Department after accidentally shooting his partner, Rusty, in a crossfire situation.  He's drawn back to the world of the living by an offer to be a late night talk radio host.  A serial killer begins calling Jack, explaining the assassinations and Jack's inadvertently pulled back into the crime fighting world.

Guest Stars: Jenny Wright, Kay Lenz as Tina 

Written by: Richard DiLello 

Directed by: Thomas Carter 

Supporting Actors: Frank Papia as Rusty Collins, John Eggold as Bozo, Catherine Keats as Flo, Annette Rodriguez as maid, Marque Guiter as the john, David Cramer as wire tap specialist, Robert E. Lee as the 2nd john 

2. But Not For Me

Click here for photos from this episode!Jack receives a phone call from a kidnapper who informs Jack that he has taken a suspected murderer into his personal custody so he won't hurt any more women.  He continues to use Jack's show as a forum for his demands.  A supposed suicide is revealed to be an elaborate murder cover up.

Guest Stars: Peter Michael Goetz, Darrell Fetty, Melvin Foard, Mykel T. Williamson, Richard Bradford as Mel King 

Written by: David Israel 

Directed by: Peter Levin 

Supporting actors: Suzanne Weber as Anna Stargar, Ronnie Dee Blair as Vander, Ann Black as Erica Boyle, Jerardo Carmona as Carmen's Barkeep, Robert Clark as Security Guard, A. Donald Cross as Gilbert Hicks, Robert Banst as Churchill's bartender, Gustave Johnson as Andre Dunston, Robert Kroll as Timmy, Bahama Karen Lew as Maureen Nakao, Norm Michaels as Jogger, Ivars Michelson as Artie, Christa Moore as Luis, William Patterson as Ellsworth Burke, Jack Shearer as Chesleigh Brant 

3. After It Happened

Click here for photos from this episode!Jack's old girlfriend, Tina, arrives in town.  She informs him she has contracted AIDS and will die.  Unable to handle the hopelessness of the situation, Jack sets out to find the man responsible.  Jack is shocked to see that the message of safe sex is still being ignored, despite the obvious consequences.  He uses his show as a forum on AIDS awareness as well as a means of tracking down the man who infected Tina. NOTE: Kay Lenz won an Emmy for her portrayal of Tina in this episode.

Guest Stars: Richard Cox, Julia Montgomery, J.D. Lewis, Christopher Weeks, Roxanne Eldreo, Kay Lenz as Tina 

Written by: Stephen Zito 

Directed by: Mimi Leder 

Supporting Actors: Ken Watt as Harrison Fiddler, Jerardo Carmona as Carmen's Bartender, Louis Parnell as Tom Bartender 

4. Payback

Click here for photos from this episode!A female friend of Jack's from the police force is wounded in the line of duty and her partner killed.  They seek comfort in each other's arms to grieve the deaths of her partner and his.  Jack finds himself in the crossfire of the mob hit man trying to silence the only witness to the crime.

Guest Stars: Patti d'Arbanville, Peter Sitteri, A.M. Lai 

Written by: Deborah Arekellan 

Directed by: Kevin Hooks 

Supporting Actors: Michael Halton as police guard, Esther Scott as receptionist, Helen Makrasas as programmer, Wallace Choy as Manny, Nick Scoggin as hitman #2, Lars Wanberg as announcer 

5. Bank Job

Click here for photos from this episode!As Jack's luck would have it, he goes into a bank to cash a check, and finds himself a hostage in a bank robbery.  The media and the police wait out the negotiations, all with a personal interest in Jack's well-being.

Guest Stars: Matt Clark, Will Bledsoe, Susan Walden, Charles Cioffi as Kenneth Miller 

Written by: Stephen Zito 

Directed by: Michael Zinberg 

Supporting Actors: Michael Aaron as Elton Strawberry, Julius Fluto Varnado as Bill Hadrada, Howard Swain as Sheldon Parker, Doug Kassel as hostage negotiator, Steven Anthony Jones as Officer Calvin Ups, Russ Christoff as SWAT commander, Joseph Arone as sniper team #1, Ellen Edwards as bank guard, Stephanie Smith as parking officer, David Allan Shaw as bank manager, Diego Chairs as driver 

6. The Execution of John Saringo

Click here for photos from this episode!Jack, Devon and Billy are forced to examine their belief in capital punishment when they are invited to broadcast the final hours of a death row inmate's life.

Guest Stars: Jim Haynie, Robert Parnell, Joe Spano as John Saringo 

Written by: Richard DiLello 

Directed by: Reynaldo Villalobos 

Supporting Actors: Chris Pray as KJCM Tech, Allen Gebhardt as Technician #1, Chris Brophy as Poncho man, Faime Alexander as Sarah Rockwell, Sean O'Brien as Jeffrey Brakow, Yuri Lane as Timothy Anassio, Edwina Moore as Newscaster #1, Don Moffat as Newscaster #2, Cab Covay as Guard #1, Leonard McMahon as Guard #2, Felton Hopkins as Prisoner #1, Wiley Golder as Prisoner #2, Nick Whitney as Prisoner #3 

7. Trash Radio

Click here for photos from this episode!Jack finds himself being raked over the coals by a jealous competitor with insider information on an Internal Affairs investigation that found Jack not guilty of the charges.

Guest Stars: Mitchell Laurance, Alexa Hamilton, Richard Romanus as Maurice Maxwell 

Written by: Carol Mendelsohn 

Directed by: Larry Gross 

Supporting actors: Wilma Bonet as Tijuana Miles, David Booth as Mark Hogan, Geof Elliott as John Freidman, Robert Rigamonti as Sid Novotski, Bill Starr as Jammal Stuart, Chuck J. Hilbert as Al Rambar, Karen Brunson as Kathleen Collins, Erik Beavers as Hector Perry, Drew Letchworth as Angus Shorey, Sascha Radetsky as Ethan Collins 

8. No Exit

Click here for photos from this episode!A young runaway, forced into prostitution, turns to Jack via his radio show for assistance in breaking away from her pimp who is involved in the white slavery market.

Guest Stars: Bud Cort, Heather Fairfield, Brenda Strong 

Written by: Richard DiLello 

Directed by: John Patterson 

Supporting Actors: Martin Pistone as Emile, Gordon Pinkney as Lawyer #1, Peter Anthony Jones as Lawyer #2, Joe Beltran as Charles Larson, Mary Dilts as reporter, Don Bilotti as man, Susan Allen as Mrs. Azzaro, Helen Swee as middle aged woman, Lauralee Westaway as chic woman 

9. Fathers and Sins

Click here for photos from this episode!Jack and Devon are both struggling to come to terms with their fathers.  Jack's father returns after an absence of 25 years; Devon's father suffers a heart attack and the two must mend their fences in the face of the illness. 

Guest Stars: Peter Boyle, Shera Denise, Paul Schoeffler, Richard Bradford as Mel King 

Written and Directed by: Robert Singer 

Supporting Actors: Roberta Isgreen as Alice King, Gene Scandur as Player #1, Jerardo Carmona as Carmen's bartender, M.A. Zingberg as poker dealer, Leslie Moonves as Adam, Bob Fraser as the Texan, Scott De Venney as Tom Garret, Luis Oropeza as Harold, Franc Ross as doctor, Debi Gould as Lynn (secretary) 

10. Twelve Gauge

Click here for photos from this episode!Jack spends most of his radio show talking with a homicidal/suicidal "spurned lover" -- the man is waiting to kill his girlfriend and then himself.  It's a race against time for the police to track down the location of the woman's home.

Guest Stars:  Ed O'Neill, Mykel T. Williamson

Written by: David Israel

Directed by: Robert Butler

Supporting Actors: Abigail VanAlyn as Marge Eston, Peter Fitzsimmons as reporter, Bill Starr as Pete Stuart, Sam Hiona as Giacomin, Brian Degan Scott as Stanley Alter, Gsing Chung as nurse, James Van Harper as security guard, Paddy Morrisey as Cabbie 

11. Promise to a Dead Man

Click here for photos from this episode!On the forty year anniversary of one of San Francisco's most celebrated unsolved murders, Jack is drawn into a case that hits closer to home than anyone could imagine.

Guest Stars: George Murdock, Eugenie Ross-Leming, Dean Goodman, Bonnie Bartlett as Hillary Townsend King 

Written by: Thomas St. John 

Directed by: Eric Laneuville 

Supporting actors: Cliff Reynolds as Ray Fontana, Jack Shearer as Chesleigh Brant, Janice Puller as Bertha, Thomas Dryden as Young Mel, Michael Cavelti as Young Sam, Roy Eisenstein as Joey Daskel, Liam O'Brien as Young Ray, Antoinette DeSilva as Carrie Stone, Jerardo Carmona as Jerardo, William Dean O'Neil as Mr. Ryan, Mark Anger as Ernie, Debbi Gould as Lynn 

12. The Fall

Click here for photos from this episode!Jack is drawn back to the neighborhood he worked in as a patrolman in response to a mother's plea to help her drug-addicted son.

Guest Stars: Leon, Guy Killum, Royce Wallace, Harrison Page as Bernard Lanter 

Written by: David Israel and Robert Singer 

Directed by: Bradford May 

Supporting Actors: Eloise B. Chatman as Dr. LaDonna Church, Bill English, Jr. as Herb, Todd A. Folle' as Guard #1, Eugene S. Robinson as Guard #2 

Special Thanks to the Foundation for Research and Education in Drug Abuse - Teddi Siddall, Executive Director 


13. Ethan's Call

Click here for photos from this episode!Jack continues to be haunted by the night of Rusty's death.  This time he has to help out Rusty's son, Ethan, who has run away from home and calls Jack to tell him so.

Guest Stars: Cecil Callan, Sascha Radetsky, Frank Papia 

Written by: Randall Zisk 

Directed by: Matt Clark 

Supporting Actors: Jerardo Carmona as Jerardo, Geoffrey Bolt as Tim Kurley, Rachel Collins as Anya Dubin, Ferguson Johnson as security guard, Leo Downey as police chief, Jack Ford as priest, Turner Stephen Briton as Photo Crew #1, Glenn Chazuk as photo crew #2, Debi Durst as photo crew #3, Howard Kyle as police captain 

14. Baby Chase

Click here for photos from this episode!Assisting an ill man on the street, a young doctor is faced with every mother's nightmare when her infant daughter is abducted by a young woman whose grasp on reality is failing.  Jack uses the show as a forum to track down the kidnapped child, who, on top of everything, is desperately ill and will die without her medication.

Guest Stars: Donna Mitchell, Dedee Pfeiffer, Willam Schallert, Jeffrey King, Robert Mangiardi as Vince, Michael Medeiros as Vincent 

Story by: Paul Robert Coyle 

Teleplay by: Paul Robert Coyle and Stephen Zito 

Directed by: Larry Gross 

Supporting actors: Michael Aron as Elton Strawberry, Diego Chairs as Diego Rogers, Michael March as Dr. Miller, James King as Onteen, Bill Jeliffe as Walter Larkin, Shari Carlson as Sarah Larkin, Jack Powell as Glenn Parolski, Drew Letchworth as Harris Grimes, Christopher Bower as Tow Truck Driver, Renee Hicks as Cabbie, Ashley and Vanessa Atkinson as Baby Kate, Todd Smith as young kid 

15. Wait Until Midnight

Click here for photos from this episode!One of Jack's regular callers "witnesses" a murder in her apartment building while talking to Jack on the phone.  She isn't believed by the authorities because she is blind and there is no evidence that a crime has been committed.

Guest Stars: David Morse, Meg Foster as Annie Driscoll 

Story by: Garry Michael White 

Teleplay by: Garry Michael White & David Israel & Stephen Zito 

Directed by: Eric Laneuville 

Supporting Actors: Joseph Knowland as Anton Cruickshank, Danny Teal as Myron Kaufman, John Allen Vick as First Guard, Roland Sorviner as Carlos, James K. Lewis as Officer Posey, Tom Hartford as Police Operator, Winnifred Mann as Mrs. Bigelow, Donald Clyburn as Sergeant, Donald Rosenberg as Detective #2, Bruce Paul Harber as second guard 

16. Blues for Mr. Charlie

Click here for photos from this episode!The season finale deals with the issue of gun control, and a citizen's right to bear arms.  A neighborhood convenience store owner misinterprets Jack's caution to protect himself, ends up killing a man and places partial blame on Jack for the idea.

Guest Stars: Harold Gould, Paul Lieber, DeBorah Pryor, Nancy Warren, Mykel T. Williamson as Deacon Bridges 

Written by: Thania St. John 

Directed by: Robert Singer 

Supporting actors: James S. Cranna as Howard, Tommy Banks as Willie, Gift Harris as Eddie, James Dovine as Al Webster, Robin Hudson as Beth Rydall, Margaretta Robinson as Mrs. Webster, Willam Dean O'Neil as Ryan O'Connor, Tessa Koning-Martinez as Anna Guitterez, Susan Brashear as Mrs. Robertson, Will Marchetti as Ralph Taylor, Paul Joseph McKenna as Sgt. Mike Hartman, Peter Fitzsimmons as reporter #1, Mary Dilts as t.v. newscaster, Don Moffit as t.v. newscaster #2, Jerardo Carmona as Jerardo 

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